Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Trippin' 5

On Day 4 of our vacay, the whole deal about dragging our bikes along finally started to make me look like the genius I clearly am, as opposed to the idiot I am perceived as.  We destined to Ocean Shores, where it was raining, which rarely happens at the edge of the ocean, but sometimes it just does.

We arrived in the afternoon, so there wasn't time to do a proper beach ride, but there sure as hell was a bit of time to get out and play.  I rung up Ward, who has a place down the beach a ways from where we were staying, and he rode up to meet us.  He's no fun to hang out with, as you can clearly see.

Meanwhile, Patty was getting her first taste of beach riding on her new fatbike.  She clearly hates it.

It was our good fortune to be able to kidnap Jacque out of the big city and drag her down to the beach with us.  She got her first taste of fatbiking and beach riding, all at once.  It was intense.  Clearly.

Ward is clearly the man.

It is clear to me that my massively powerful legs are too much for my drivetrain.  What to do about it is not exactly as clear.

Patty is clearly embracing the fatbike lifestyle.

If one thing is clear, it's that beach riding is all kinds of awesome.