Monday, December 8, 2008

Ode de Basquette

(I never claimed to know anything french, so give me a friggin' break)

I have a basket on my bike
It works for me, it's what I like

I go for milk or bread or beer
I ride from here to there to here

I throw stuff in and off I go
In day or night or sun or snow

I have a case of basket love
Compared to bags they're heads above

So when I pass you on the road
And both of us are packing loads

You'll notice that I have a smile
Cause baskets shorten up the miles :-)


Hank Greer said...

Excellent poem, Pat! You had me smiling through the entire read. Then I got to the photo.

Um...Bud Light?

Regardless, you've inspired me.

Jerome said...

I concur. Baskets are simply too good to pass up. I've used baskets in the rear for years, often just old freezer baskets zip-tied to a cheap rack, but they work very, very well. I've just installed a wald front basket on a bike I built up from scrap, and it's fantastic. Even with a few bungee cords, it's amazing how effectively you can secure all sorts of loads. Cheers for the baskets!

Pat S said...

Hank, it was only the one time. Honest ;-) And that was to demonstrate my solidarity as a true American in the face of this financial mess. You know . . . if the auto execs can do without their leer jets, than I can certainly get by on bud light.

Jerome, baskets secured with zip ties and loads held in place with bungees . . . you're speakin' to me brother!