Thursday, February 19, 2009

Slicker Than Snot

I've been getting a lot of riding in on the weekends, but haven't been commuting at all. With the first race coming up in just a little over 2 weeks, I need more bike time. I picked one helluva day to start.

The side streets were skating rinks. Ben Garnett was de-icer'd, but still a white-knuckle descent. Best thing I can say about this commute is that I only went down once.

I've been determined to insist that studded tire season was over a few weeks ago. I think I need to get real.


John Speare said...

Pat: You must leave early. Today, I took the garbage out with my daughter and she slipped on the drive way (7:45 am). So I mental noted myself: "take the bike with studs to work today."

At 8AM, I took the bike with studs and met my wife for coffee at The Scoop. The streets were glazed with frozen fog. We hung until about 8:45. The streets were wet. I rode home, switched bikes, and rode to work on wet streets with occassional ice floe. I've riden daily for about 3 weeks -- only rode studs once.

But my riding starts at 9am.

I've not yet fallen in the traditional sense (where it hurts), but I've dabbed a number of times. And nearly wet myself in fear at least twice.

Pat S said...

John, I started at 6:30 - the street in front of my house was a sheet of ice and I crashed as soon as I got out of my driveway. Caught me totally off guard. My weekend rides start 2-3 hours later and that seems to make all the difference these days.

joe said...

I did'nt go down today - but I did a nifty 2 wheel slide in the work parking lot - that was at 6:10AM

Anonymous said...

Somewhere I read to keep the studs on just like you would a car. It seems I cross patches of ice from the thaw the day before routinely. I leave at 7 am and didn't have much trouble--except a little extra burn on the hills from the high resistance, mad nobby studs. Plus I like the crackle they make.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing Pat; I went down too! Left the house at 7:45 AM, pedaled through my ally and then went down on some black ice as I was turning onto "G" street. My elbo took the brunt of it. The neighbors heard me yell #$@&! My co workers were wondering why my shirt was bloody during our morning meeting. I think today was my first fall on my commute in over a year. Glad I wasn't the only one!

Pat S said...

Joe, sounds like a nice 2 wheel drift - nice job keeping it upright.

lazyeye, I hear you. But I OD'd on studs on a 50 mile ride a coupla weeks ago. I wish I didn't have to look at a pair until next November or so - I'm tired of riding in carbide quicksand. But I might chicken out and grab the studded bike in the morning. Can't tell if I'll wake up feeling stupid or smart.

Mike, it was one slick bastard. Hope your elbow's okay. Wow, blood and everything - cool. Somehow I just bounced off the pavement with only my pride wounded. Let's keep the rubber side down tomorrow!