Sunday, June 20, 2010


Stop! I made it out alive! So before you write something all mooshy about me, just . . . don't.

I don't have any time for a proper post, and I would like to think that I will get to it in a few days, but I'm coming into busy times and it's now or never.

So tonight I just have this to say: The trip. OY. It was something unexpected and very special. You can't make this kind of shit happen. It happens to you, and it's a gift or a blessing or whatever is the equivalent in your belief system. Not like all wonderful every second, but like a hurtful bitch about 50% of the time and then regular good stuff the other 40% and then 10% of this shit descending down these exquisite mountain roads that is just all chocolate and sex. And that doesn't begin to describe it. In fact it's a totally sucky description. I wish you were there.

As the newb, I was pretty much dumb-ass blown away, but what I am more struck with was how this particular destination influenced the imagination of my fellow highly-experienced bike campers. It set a bunch of wheels turning . . . not about changing the way they do things, but about the excitement of expanding the possibilities.

Damn cool shit. Thanks John, Alex and Larry for having me along.

Here's the culled pics from my PhD (press here dummy) camera . . .

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OlyBikes said...

Glad that ride was a game-changer for you. I never saw someone so enamored with the way a dirt road was built -- that will stay with me for sure. Nice to meet you, though I hope it's not the last time!