Saturday, November 16, 2013



Hank Greer said...

Zzzzzzz--Wha---? Uh...mmmmmmm...wait. Huh? 26InchSlicks is awake?

Phil K. Slick said...

Do Cateyes Dream of Electric Miles?

Venerable Beatle said...

I look at my chain and I see that it is rusting
While my cateye gently sleeps
I look at my gut and I see that it ain't busting
While my cateye gently sleeps

Nonrolling Stone said...

I see my cateye and I want it painted black
No numbers anymore and I want it to go black

I see the girls ride by dressed in their lycra clothes
I try to turn my wheels but only darkness rolls

I see a line of bikes and they're all painted black
I tried to ride these studs and had a heart attack...

Mock Jagger said...

I can't get no
Winter traction
Ain't one of the
Studded faction