Sunday, July 13, 2014

I'm Not Dead.

Just thinking.  A lot.  About the Bucksaw.  Obviously.

Now leave me alone.  But feel free to talk amongst yourselves, as I know you are wont to do.

As if you needed my permission.

Yep, this.  ^ ^ ^


Andy D. said...

The Bucksaw is a very thought provoking bike. After a few months with my Salsa Horsethief, I'd say that Salsa has suspension bikes figured out pretty well. Fat tires could only improve on that position.

Pat S said...

Andy, the shop I pre-ordered the frame from is really high on the Horsethief and Salsa's Split-Pivot suspension. And that's some pretty big praise, considering they're a Specialized dealer.

I think the application of full suspension to fatbikes is not necessarily a slam dunk as far as figuring out how to make suspension play well with high volume tires. I am encouraged by what I perceive as some serious due diligence in this area by Salsa.

Or maybe I am once again spinning the available details and commentary to justify the commitment I am making to spend a bunch of cash on a bike I simply WANT. As bike nerds are often known to do. ;-)

Wileydog said...

i am trying not to think about that bike.

Unknown said...

Keep my name on the short list if you ever decide to sell this one too.

Anonymous said...

Pat, I couldn't find a contact link so am trying this.. I just stumbled on your post about the John Wayne trail from 2012. I'm going to ride it from Ellensburg to Seattle next month and have some questions about what kind of tires / bike I can get away with on that stretch. Please reach me at mvchiggins at hotmail. Thanks.