Saturday, November 22, 2014

WheelieBike Resurrect Attempt

The planned November BikeEVENTure was the completion and subsequent utilization of the wheelie trainer bike that I had envisioned and begun to enact, lo these many months ago.  Which was a wildly ambitious plan, much moreso than the Oregon coast trip, actually, given my shortage of time and how sad and slow are my bike construction skilz.

Which is no reason to give up, though.  Hope against hope, was the theme of the night, as Patty was off to some theater event with friends, IN HER CAR, leaving an extravagant working space in the garop.  I fired up the dusty propane heater and raised the temp in there from 41 to 50, by the time I was done.  It was a pretty special treat to just hang out and futz with bike stuff tonight.

What I was able to achieve, by the end, was to actually get the rolling chassis put together.

 I will carve out a little time tomorrow to unleash a roll of gorilla tape on this mess:

 The balance point feedback mechanism:

I have been worried, in the back of my mind, that the geometry of this contraption might be kid-like.  Those fears were put to bed tonight.  It's a definite big boy toy.  The other thing that became evident was how ass-heavy it was, when I lifted it up.  Per the plan.

I get lost really quickly in discussions about things like low trail, and I have zero sophistication in terms of my recognition of chic frames, components, etc.  Just not me.

What I do believe, tho, is that I have put together a few bikes that are somewhat unique, in my own way.  Some have been a total fail.  Others have been partially successful.

One major win has been the dogbike.  It rides like shit, but it is so incredibly functional.

I think the wheelie trainer has the potential to be at least as awesome.  But only time will tell.

I have very little hope of finishing this on my own.  If I get by, it will be with a little help from my friends.

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