Wednesday, September 23, 2015



I don't know, I just read a couple of articles, but if this is what it appears to be, it is incredibly appalling.  Holy living hell.

No way I can stand by and just watch.  I am stupid dumb when it comes to knowing if and how I can influence something like this in any way, as a common citizen.  Guess I'm about to find out.


Vik said...

That sucks. We don't have enough bike touring options like this.

Glad to see things got saved for the time being even if it was a fluke.

Stine said...

I just read a second article where, thanks to some errors of verbiage, this didn't happen like the wanted. That said, they are still planning on pushing for it. I think the Wagon Train people and the Fat Bike folks need to get out and get busy. The Trail of the CdA is a great example of tiny communities benefitting from such trails (when they are revitalized).

Thomas Builds-a-Pyre said...

In other news, Republican lawmakers introduce bill to return Safeco Field to the Duwamish.

Cucuaracha said...

GOP Backs Spanish Claims to John Wayne Trail

Rosalia, WA (AP)

A Washington state member of its legislature, Joe "el Patron" Schmick (R-9th) today declared the scenic John Wayne Trail "now and forever, a part of the Spanish Empire." Citing the 1493 papal bull Inter Caetera, Schmick declared that "God always intended that trail for Spain, not horseback riders or bicyclists, unless of course they are conquistadors. Or maybe those priest guys, like Jesu-wits I think?"

Reached for comment, His Highness King Felipe of Spain solemnly accepted soveirgnty, decreeing "that shits mine? Imma gonna fatbike the fuck outta that!"

Negotiations for the handover continue as of this time.

Johnny White said...

Yeah, I got to read this and the follow-up article that a typo error was the reason it didn't get pushed through.

I think there should be more initiative from both the private and government sector to promote cycling. Not only does it benefit one's health and the environment, tourism can also be boosted by such a move.

Luke Bakken said...

There is a town hall meeting TOMORROW MORNING in Tekoa:


Wednesday, Sept. 30
10 a.m.


Tekoa City Hall
419 N. Washington St.
Tekoa, WA