Monday, October 19, 2015

JWPT Situation Update

Nothing will be resolved immediately.  That much is for sure.

But the issue, and the polarity, are now out in the open, and that's a good thing, as opposed to the bullshit stealth land grab tactics that 9th District Reps Schmick and Dye tried to employ.  I shudder to think where we could be, if they had gotten their wording right, in a provision to the state budget.  The land could already be into private hands and we would be fighting the impossible, uphill battle of prying it away and back into the public domain.

Although I will never know it, there is some back-story there as to how this language got botched.  I would be surprised if it was sheer ineptitude; my preferred guess is that the trail has an angel somewhere in the political system that exercised a cunning move to get this morally sickening, back-handed effort aborted and exposed and into the public light.  If that is indeed the case, I would love to buy that individual a very expensive steak dinner.  Or some vegan extravagance, if that was the preference.  Or whatever.  You get my drift.

As it is now, the two sides are establishing their positions and foundations.  I am sure there are more proper military terms.  But the laying of the political groundwork to fight this battle, in short.

I am not super involved in the fight, because I am not that capable, but I am not un-involved, either, because I care.  I am figuring out who my friends are and who my friends are not.

First, the nots:

  • Schmick and Dye, obviously.  And all the dirty-handed folks that embraced their scheme.
  • My 6th district state reps Kevin Parker and Jeff Holy.  Neither responded to a very pointed email I sent regarding the issue, asking them where they stand.  I understand that politicians get a shit-ton of email, but also, a response of some sort to a well-written and respectful inquiry is a reasonable expectation.  I can only read between the lines.

Now, for the Friends:

  • City Councilman Jon Snyder.  The dude is so incredibly rad and efficient.  He drafted a resolution in support of preserving the trail and moved it forward for consideration by the City Council tonight and it passed by a vote of 7-0.  Yeah, tell me about it.  Badass.
  • The Spokesman Review.  They have totally stepped up and defined their position.  I know that I am old school, but I dig my local rag and can't wait for that feel of paper in my hands every morning.  Sometimes I get the bits online, but it is especially satisfying to get my news via hard copy.  At any rate, they have it right on this issue.
  • Rich Landers, in particular, at the SR.  He's just super in-tune with outdoor issues and a pretty influential guy at the newspaper, and I know he must have to manage a lot of pressure from various angles, but he has been super supportive through all this, in terms of just stating the damned FACTS.
  • Scott Arbuckle, a buddy who came to the city council meeting tonight, to support me as I bumbled my way through my testimony.
  • And many others.  You know who you are.

Some great SR stuff is here and here and here.

Outcome TBD, obviously.  This is what's at stake, though . . .


Anonymous said...

"Schmick" is also a typo.

Stine said...

^ Oh, yeah!

Thanks, Pat!

Ex parte said...

I wonder if this will all end up in court and whether SCOTUS already doomed the entire JWT, on both sides of the Columbia, in Marvin Brandt Revocable Trust v. United States.

A said irony if the GOP relies on our decidedly East Coast Supremes to screw us over here in the West.

Chip said...

Thanks for being there Pat and doing your part. I forgot about the hearing.

Pat S said...

Ex parte, thanks for the Marvin Brandt reference, interesting stuff. Setting aside my obvious emotional attachment to trail, as I learn more about the legal aspects surrounding this piece of property, I am fascinated.

Barb Chamberlain said...

You can add Washington Bikes, your statewide bike advocacy organization, to the Friends list. We've been working with Jon and others and our board member Marie Dymkoski, executive director at the Pullman Area Chamber of Commerce, is attending meetings and staying on top of the issue along with our policy director Blake Trask. Not all of our work turns up in newspaper articles.

Pat S said...

Thanks, Washington Bikes!

EvilElf said...

Thanks Pat for the most definitive article I've read on this issue. John