Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ready For Winter. Not.

I've been coveting a pair of Acme pants ever since John's glowing review. I've made at least a half a dozen trips to REI throughout our long and crappy winter. But oy, the price tag.

I was there on different business tonight, but I always window shop that rack. And whatta ya know . . . they're on sale. Clearance-type prices, too. And on the same rack, also on sale, REI Mistral pants. Both are made of Schoeller fabric - heavier on the Acme, lighter on the Mistral. I bought one of each. If you've ever wanted either of these, get your ass down there . . . quantities are limited.

Kind of hard to get excited about these now, but next fall I'll get into my box of winter cycling shit, and having forgotten I bought these, it'll be like Christmas morning.

Now that I have a couple pair of righteous winter pants, I've pretty much guaranteed an end to the cold weather. No big deal. Glad to help you guys out. If you really want to thank me, say it with beer. (Don't you think that expression would look good inside a Hallmark card?)


Mike S said...

Winter is over beyatch. Get some summer clothes. REI Anniv. Sale starts today, I hear.

John Speare said...

you'll not be disappointed. Actually, the mistrals are great for this time of year. well, not today, cause it's nice. but these 40-50F days. I've been wearing them straight for about a month. ask my wife!