Friday, May 8, 2009

Back To The Basics

Life takes its twists and turns and can get pretty heavy at times. The heaviness can squash your bike life, if you're not careful.

I thought I saw the opportunity to minimize my obligation to big boy responsibilities this year and just go hang out on my bike and train and race under the delusions of youth and grandeur and get all intense and immersed in bike racing stuff.

What the hell was I thinking. I pushed the pendulum way far to the right and on its way back, big boy responsibilites slammed me into the wall on the left. I had fun, but I'm pretty sure my season is over because I need to take care of some pressing shit at work and in my back yard. Reality bites. So tonight I needed to find a way to feel better.

I've posted a bunch about this before so I won't bore you with links, but when things kinda suck, a trip to the park with your dog and your bike so totally rules and can help you get your head on straight. It beckons primal rotating-wheel and canine stuff. Good shit.

The only thing about going to the park after dark is that you will meet night park people. People that aren't afraid to come up to you in the middle of a dark night in a big open space and start talking to you. Tonight we met Alan and his dog Fred. They were totally cool. Brandy and Fred did their dog dance without getting all pissy. I appreciate that.

But sometimes you meet night park people that are downright weird. I guess that serves you right for hanging out in the park at night. At any rate, weird is fine. But scary is different. I've never met anyone truly scary so far, but I can feel their presence. I hope I can continue to avoid them.

Anyway, I'm getting way off track here.

And I'm not sure what my point is exactly, except that maybe when I look at my dog, who's entire focus in life is chasing an LED-lit frisbee as if the future of the planet depended on it, to the point of drenching herself with her own slobber and how a trip to the park makes her day . . .

I guess I'm not even a little evolved, because my need to ride a bike is not much different from my dog's need to chase a frisbee. A bike ride, however short, makes my day.


John Speare said...

Good decision Pat. Aside from being unable to compete -- the main reason I don't attempt racing outside of cyclocross is the ever-present cloud of time, training, and diet requirements that racing imposes on your life. It's huge. I like beer too much. And leisurely riding. And hanging out with friends and family and staying up late. Only Taylor can still do all those things and stay competitive.

Pat S said...

Thanks, John. You're exactly right. Especially the part about Taylor. ;-)