Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fatty New Year

Today.  Riverside.  10 Fats.  0 Skinnies.  (Nothing against skinnies, to be clear, just how it worked out.)  Thanks to Two Wheel Transit for organizing.

Great way to welcome in 2015.  Hope yours is a good one with lots of bikery involved.

The venerable Mr. Arbuckle


Dave N said...

Good to see Dave Braun out there!

Anonymous said...

Fat bike have a rough time getting going on Cape Cod. We don't get enough snow to make them feasible. It's almost worthwhile to move just to get to ride a fat bike for a few months.

John Speare said...

First pic reminds me of the quote that plays a continuous loop in my head when riding in the snow -- "Sandpeople always ride single-file to hide their numbers"

Wileydog said...

hey wait I'm venerable now, eh? I do feel quite distinguished being mentioned in this here blogging situation