Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fleet Management

Two steeds fled the stable this weekend, courtesy the magicality of craigslist.

My 2012 Trek Fuel EX8, which I bought new in the Fall of 2012.

My 2015(?) Bikesdirect Motobecane Lurch, which I bought new in the Fall of 2014.

I had some great adventures aboard both bikes, and I'll be hanging onto the memories, if not the bikes.

Aside from a coupla specialty bikes, the dog bike and wheelie bike, I now have exactly three bikes:

L-R:  Surly Karate Monkey city bike with Alfine 7 internal gear rear and Alfine dyno front hubs.  Elephant S&S coupled road-ish & gravel grinder bike.  Salsa Bucksaw full suspension fatbike

Its been a long time since I've had this few bikes, and I feel remarkably bike-unencumbered as I write this.  I hope that the Karate Monkey will undergo some sort of rad ebike transformation during the coming year.  The Elephant will do what it has always done, I think, which is to get me around comfortably and efficiently on the tarmac.  Amazingly, I now own exactly one mountain bike and exactly one fatbike and they are the same bike; the Bucksaw.  I anticipate that I will be spending many hours aboard this bike in 2015, on a variety of surfaces and ride purposes.

Will the stable grow again?  Most likely, or even most certainly.  But not quickly or spontaneously, I hope.  I seriously doubt that I'll be shopping for another road bike this year.  I don't think I'll be shopping for another mountain bike either, but maybe another fatbike.  I won't say I'm in all out lust mode just yet, but I feel a certain undeniable heat building in my loins over the Salsa Blackborow.  Damnit, that is one versatile, well thought out fatbike.

In the present though, I'm just having hella fun with the Bucksaw, and here I can rightfully use the word lust.  Or honeymoon.  Lustfully delicious honeymoon.  Whatever.  Yesterday was an epic 3 hours on Antoine Peak, which was exactly the time it took me to ascend and descend just once, which is about 3 times what it takes to do that same thing any other time of year.

Today was a short trip to Palisades to devour some frozen chunk.  The bike just laughs at this shit and turns the ride into hilarious fun for me.  I don't know of any other bike that can do this.

Finding time to ride in 2015 will continue to be my biggest challenge, but the Monthly bikEVENTure Plan is in full force and a major piece of the puzzle, says Jack.  I remain convinced that it's the quality, and not the quantity of miles that counts, and I'm more determined than ever keep my riding fun and weird and adventurous.  As such, I'm highly optimistic about the year ahead and I have full confidence in the abilities of my three stallions to show me a good time.


Anonymous said...

What bike will be doing the Midnight Century this year?

Pat S said...

Midnight Century? Yeah, I'll need a new bike for that. Naturally.

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