Thursday, November 12, 2015

A JWPT Must Read


In related news, I screwed something up pretty good in my previous post and have attempted to make amends via an edited-in comment at the end.  I would be grateful if you would take the time to go back and check it out.


Vik said...

I think that may be the wrong link Pat.

Pat S said...

Hmmm. It's supposed to take you to the Nov. 11 Spokesman Review article on the trail by Rich Landers. Seems to be working okay for me.

Vik said...

Ok. Based on the text of your post I got the impression the link was supposed to take me back to the previous post you edited since that is what you were asking me to reread.

No problem. If you meant it to go to the SR article. In that case it does so.

Pat S said...

Sorry for the confusion, Vik.

I've added a second 'go-back' link to hopefully make it less confusing for others.

Bad Blood said...

During the 1990s, a similar East/West feud erupted between the Notorious B.I.G and 2Pac Shakur, and ended in tragedy for both.

Just imagine if either gangsta had had the sense or humility shown by our own Mr. S, aka "MC 509" in backing down from all the smack talk.

The cross-Cascades feud could have gotten ugly, but MC 509 reminds us that the trail, like music, is supposed to unite us, not divide us. Cycling is for lovers, not haters.

Anyway, now is not the time to be throwing shade.

So, Seattle, what's good?

Michael said...

The Lind meeting went really well. Trail supporters way outnumbered the detractors, everyone listened, seemed to think about the other persons take on things and, was civil. It really seems like that most of the detractors just want to get rid of the farmers access fees and make sure weeds get sprayed, fences get fixed, and any trash gets picked up.

Pat S said...

Bad Blood, MC 509 is in the house, heretofore committed to spreading the true word that cycling is indeed "for lovers, not haters", through his unique(?) and horrific rap skilz that he somehow now imagines he possesses via the mere suggestion he belongs in the same sentence with the Notorious B.I.G and 2Pac Shakur. Fortunately for the masses, his misguided rapper kinship vision has him spreading his (anti-) talent while traversing the eastern portion of the trail, which at this point, is still a relatively desolate and uninhabited space. PETA could still be his undoing though, in a drive-by for the ages.

Michael, thanks for killing a whole day to drive out to a noon meeting in Lind, and for your encouraging report. I received another one via email that echos your thoughts.

Sir Stirs-the-Pot said...

Electric bikes on the JWPT: pro or con?