Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tuesday Next

From the Tekoa Trail and Trestle Association FB Page:

The Tekoa Trail and Trestle Association has been in conversations with Representative Schmick and together we have found a possible path to a solution.

Three public meetings have been scheduled for the month of November.

These meetings will be listening conversations along the trail scheduled to conclude before the deadline for legislators to submit a proposed bill for the next legislative session.

Rep. Schmick has said he will consider introducing a bill at the end of these meetings.

Tuesday November 10th 12pm Rosalia, Community Center (7th St. and Whitman Ave.)
Monday November 16th 12pm Lind, Union Elevator Conference room (201 S street)
Monday November 23rd 6pm Ellensburg, Hal Holmes Center (209 N Ruby St.)

Those not able to attend may email comments to:


At this point in time I am heavily invested in this issue and here's what I have to say:

The tactic of scheduling midday meetings is so advantageous to Schmick and his merry band.  This meeting time characterizes the issue, and its resolution, as a purely rural topic, which it is not.  An evening meeting schedule would facilitate greater participation from Spokane and other larger population centers who have a legitimate interest and right to participate in this dialogue.

It's not possible for me, as a regular concerned citizen who wants to engage in this political process, to "get away" from my job in the Spokane Valley and drive out to Rosalia in the middle of the day, and attend a noon meeting of whatever length and then drive back to my job in the Spokane Valley, without just calling it a day.  If I wasn't already so desensitized to the insulting tactics of Schmick and Dye, I would be super pissed, but this is what I have come to expect in the form of cooperation/collaboration from this group, which essentially, is nil.

You do what you have to do, and I have decided to trade a vacation day that I'd scheduled a long time ago around the Christmas holiday to spend time with my family, for a vacation day this next Tuesday.

Vacation days are precious in my world, and I'm determined to make this one count.

I am so totally interested in participating in a discussion about how to make the trail work for both the adjacent landowners and the users, but I am not sensing any such sentiment from either the words or actions of the Schmick group.  Super discouraging.

Trust is the missing component.  If it were in place, this whole deal would not be that hard to get through.  But without it, it's almost impossible.

Stay tuned.  Or better yet, get involved.

Here's what's at stake:


Anonymous said...

Good luck. As an SC resident, I am envious of the trails and dirt roads available to you and have hopes of coming out west to do some riding, but with Wilderness designations and self indulgent politicians screwing with everything it may never happen. How can someone unfamiliar come such a long distance and then have to worry about whats available that you can legally ride.

Michael said...

I'll be at the Tuesday meeting.

Stine said...

Thanks, Pat.
I was hoping to make it out there, but school/irreversible appointments are in the way.
Thank you for representing.

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