Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Kiss

Based on their reaction to my post titled "Sponge Bath" I'm guessing Hank and Jacque will be all wound up at this point. Sorry again fellas, no erotica here.

But on the eve of the BTW Kickoff Breakfast, I'm more than a little excited myself. Not because I love crowded gatherings in Riverfront Park (trust, me I don't), or because of the camaraderie (trust me again, I'm more of a loner), or even in the hopes that I'll get a BTW t-shirt or water bottle (not that bigga deal).

What has me so excited is just thinking back on the days when I was discovering the whole new world of bike commuting as a car-bound, out-of-shape, workaholic, 30-something.

Re-discovering the simple joy of riding a bike is one of the few things (maybe the only thing) that will make you feel like a kid again in the middle of your life. And like your first kiss, you can't go back . . . it only happens once.

Dayglo or hemp or Lycra or cast iron or carbon fiber or silly putty . . . I could care less. Pedalling yourself from one place to another rocks for so many reasons.

And maybe most of the folks that are participating in BTW week have already had the first-commute experience, but I know that there are a couple or 47 of you out there who are about to have one of the greatest days ever.

I don't even have to tell you to have a blast, because I know you will.

Is that lipstick on your collar???

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