Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Shout-Out To David At REI

Friday turned unexpectedly bikey and before we knew it, we were cleaning up a bunch of bikes at our house. When you clean bikes you have to look at them and in the course of cleaning and looking, Jacque noticed that one of the spokes was busted on her daily driver (a Novara Buzz). The chain was also prone to coming off the big gear.

I could handle the derailleur adjustment, but I needed help with the wheel.

This is a bad time to ask a bike shop to do even a little work. When the sun comes out, everybody wants to ride and the shops are slammed. But even though REI is out until the first part of July on repairs, David (who I had never even met) slipped us in and fixed the wheel while we waited!

Dude, you totally rock. *THANK YOU*

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