Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tiffany's Cool Spoke Card

Her artwork showed up at my door
I have not heard her name before

She is a friend of Jon's for sure
I'd guess they go back many years

Jon & Tiff: Friends they are
Although they don't go back that far

She made a spoke card for our guy
It's something that you cannot buy

I do not like green eggs and ham
I do like orange bikes and weird hands


FBC Spokane said...

I'm looking forward to the Seuss Poetry for the FBC spoke cards. There are only about 26 so that shouldn't take long.

Pat S said...

Jeff, I wouldn't know where to start. And then there's that other minor detail - I don't have a single one of the 26. LAME! I know. I obviously need to get out more.

But I have been on an FBC ride which makes me a LM4L which makes me eligible to purchase a certain Seussable shirt which I have done and which I imagine will get Suessed.

FBC Spokane said...

Looking forward to seeing you show off your new purchase on the next ride. Incidentally, it will be Friday July 24th.

Tiffany said...

♥ This is pretty much the best poem ever!

Friend (yes)
Many years (no)

-Tiffany Patterson

Mariah said...

These are so cool! I've got the hook-up if anyone is interested.

Alan Jacob said...

Jen and I miss you and Patty. We need to get together for a BBQ sometime.