Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Sorry for the teaser. (Well, not really.) I'm not dropping big bucks on a frameset, I'm dropping little bucks on dishes.

The stuff on the left is the cooking/eating gear I took on my inaugural S240. The silver thingy on the right is what I'll be replacing it with on the next trip. I've been trying to figure out the best bang for my buck. There's some weight advantage, but way more space advantage, as you can see. That damn tin cup cost me 35 bucks, but they say you can't take it with you and I'm definitely making sure that I won't have the option.

It's majorly important to "Just Do It", Nike Boy, but that immediately leads to a desire to do it better, especially when there is huge room for improvement from your first time around.

Anyway, inside the tin cup is a stove and a fuel canister. It's all very cool and compact and made by a Japanese company called Snow Peak and yes, they hypnotized my ass and got my money.

It takes a special kind of idiot to pay full price for camping gear at the very end of camping season. How nice for you to meet me.


Hank Greer said...

Pat, I suggest having a look at freezer bag cooking. Its perfect for the s24o.


Pat S said...

Thanks, Hank. I'll definitely check it out.

Anonymous said...


I am a lurker on your blog and enjoy it. I have very dated experience with bike touring but a fair bit of experience with very lightweight backpacking and mountaineering. I really love the Esbit stove which is cheap and light. Here it is at REIhttp://www.rei.com/product/653343:

Anyway, I couldn't resist a little evangelism about the Esbit. Cheers and I can't wait for a report on your next S240 trip with the new goods. Steve.

Pat S said...

Thanks for dropping in, Steve. I'm totally mesmerized by lightweight, minimal and simple at the moment, so thanks for steering me to the esbit. It looks way cool and for $9.99, how can I not give it a shot.