Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Wrap-Up

All my outlaws came to town this weekend. A river of beer got drank. It was hard, but I fought through the chaos and got some minor bikey stuff done. You have to just do what you can and be glad with that, which I am.

So here's my lame story and prepare to get your ass bored to death . . .

Deal is, I'm not at all happy with the first go at the black reflective tape. OCD gets such a bad rap, but it's responsible for making our world a little better, I think.

The first shot was so pin-stripey and didn't throw much light. Not havin' that.

Not even sure if you can tell the difference but after a thousand hours of re-do, I am so much happier. I've always wanted to be the best at something and now I am: Pinstripe removal.

So the other thing is, I put studs on the Xtracycle and that actually took a long time, 'cause I also had to dink around with putting fenders on, and all that.

But so anyway, two bikes are now shod, which pretty much guarantees a mild winter. Now you know who to thank.


Anonymous said...

I notice the improvement, and so will drivers. The reflector stripes scream "bicycle."

But, will that make drivers avoid you...or aim for you?

Alan said...

Thanks for putting all the time into putting studs on your bike. That pretty much insures that I won't have to spend my winter trudging through snow. You're a giver.

Hank Greer said...

There is a noticeable improvement in reflectivity. It also accentuates that odd, slight curve at the base of the seat tube. Hadn't noticed that before.

Thanks for putting on two sets of studs. By any chance did you purchase a snow blower, too?

Not said...

I bought a roll of 3M Scotchlite reflective tape in black, and I was disappointed. The reflected light just wasn't bright enough, compared to other reflective tape.
- Ventura

EvilElf said...

I join with you in giving Spokane ice-free streets this winter! We will have to bill the city.

Pat S said...

Anon, 'avoid'. I hope.

Alan and Hank, nothing says "Thank You" quite like a six-pack.

Ventura, agreed. Not super reflective. Just couldn't stand to slather it with white. Still relying mainly on lights.

EvilElf, instead of a check, I'm enclosing a note with my utility bill that stating that credit is due!