Wednesday, November 11, 2009

There. I Feel Better Now.

Hope you do too, seeing as how you caused this whole mess. I'm letting go . . . water under the bridge. Last time I bring it up.

So that was my light-hearted smoke-screen on 11/11, but now I gotta get all serious on you guys for just a minute, cause it's Veteran's Day. Holy krap, we take so much for granted, even though we try not to. We have such great lives because we have such great freedoms. It's just overwhelming to even try to fathom the sacrifices that have been and continue to be made. So I will just try to make it manageable by saying THANK YOU to everyone who has served/does serve in our highly necessary military machine. Getting nuked would be the worst thing ever.

And then, on a way personal level:

Thanks Dad, for fighting in WWII. The stories that we can even get out of you are so horrific.

Thanks, FIL Jack. Yours are equally surreal.

Thanks, brother Dan, for going to Vietnam, even though I'm sure you wanted to throw up over what our government was doing. Your stories are the same kind of unbeleivable.

Thank you, BIL Art, for your all your years of service despite our gov's lack of respect for Native Americans. Glad you have recently re-connected with some of your comrades. Those must be some serious human bonds.

Thank you, Marine nephew James, for your service in Iraq. So glad you are stationed in Japan now. Your uncle is proud and humbled beyond words.

Thank you, Army nephew Travis, for your service in Afghanistan. So glad you are stationed in Hawaii now. Your uncle is proud and humbled beyond words.

Oy, can't see the screen, gotta quit. Sorry for anyone I forgot. Super huge thanks guys and gals.


Eric said...

Awesome post Pat...Awesome post

Pat S said...

Thanks, Eric. Hope you got your popcorn popping . . . Part 2 is just around the corner . . .