Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Feverish Again

I've had pugsley fever before, but I've always pounded a  bunch of Tylenol and come out the other side without an actual dent in my wallet  (or corresponding fat-tired bike in my stable).  But just like bronchitis I think, once you've had it, you're more succeptible to future bouts.  And we're all human.  And there's a limit to what we humans can endure without breaking down.  Right?  (How's that for justifying a new bike in the not-too far in the future?  Work with me.)

Theres's also the salsa mukluk, but it's aluminum, which severely limits my ability to braze shit to it, so it would have to be a really good deal.  But the color is also way radder, so it's not out of the question.

Anyway, I think I might be getting beat into submission by my own excursion fantasies.  I can't afford a new one and I don't wanna own it forever.  Just 18 to 24 months.  And it's not for a winter adventure, it's for a summer one.  Please talk me out of this.


JMH said...

Give in. Been riding a fat-tired bike since late December, so much fun, and I can imagine they would be fun in the woods once the snow in gone also. Started out on a loaner Pugsley, but now we are riding Fatbacks, made by Speedway Cycles up in Alaska. You should definitely check them out. It appears Salsa copied their design with the Mukluk. The guys at Speedway really figured out the snow bike thing, and I think their bikes are way better. Top three finishers at Ididabike this year all rode Fatbacks.

mike said...

do it.
the only medicine is a fat bike.
i'm partial to my pugs, which still has me covered in new bike hives.

but the fatbacks look nice too.

ideally i'll have a framebuilder friend build me up a fatbike that can run an igh... and be symmetrical (unlike the pugs) - so i can swap in and out 29r wheels...

most fun i've had in a long time on a bike. and i'm really looking forward to summer trails on it.

Alan said...

Two Wheel Transit has the Surly in their front window. On sale.

Patty can slap me next time she sees me.

Pat S said...

Thanks JMH and mike. I guess. I'll definitely check out the Fatback.

Alan, unfortunately (fortunately?) it's not my size.

mike said...

lots of pugsley fun in the snow for me. and our little beach sees me riding from end to end too. really looking forward to it as an all around towner. maybe with some hookworm 2.5s on those rims, or i'll build up a 29r wheelset.

really fun bike. did a 'road' ride on it 2 weeks ago. 32 some odd miles. was harder and easier than i thought, in ways i hadn't anticipated.

check out my bloggy blog for pugsley stuff, including this line:

"Riding the Pugsley is eating flourless chocolate cake covered in awesome sauce followed by sipping a cappuccino in a tiny cafe in Florence."

yeah. fever.
and you'll be able to build up some way cool racks and fenders and whatever else for it.

Anonymous said...

I'll get a Pugsley when it comes as a minivelo option.