Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Race Against Spring

Today was a gentle and welcome reminder that warmer days are imminent. And while Tuesday shop night has been a great refuge during the cold, short days of winter, nobody wants to spend their time in the shop as the days get longer and more comfortable, especially me. So we're packin 'em in and wrappin things up.

L to R: John, Eric, Joe and Jonathan
John was over to continue work on his constructeur-type rear rack for the bike he recently put together for Liza (super sweet bike, btw).  Eric's rack came back from powder and he was over to do the final install.  Joe was over to finish the cleanup on his rear rack and get it ready for powder.  Jonathan was over to fab a clamp and mudflap for his LHT (forgot to take a picture of this, damn).

Eric, in all his glorious reflectivity and porteurishness.

Since last Tuesday, he built up this new front wheel with dynohub (Novatech).  So when he installed the rack, he was also ready to mount the light and plug it into the power plant.  His ride home was illuminated by his new lighting system, which hung of his shiny new rack.  Saaa-weet.

The cleanup on Joe's rack was intense - lots of angles, nooks and crannies that had to be filed and sanded.  Joe was determined that it be done tonight.  It was. It is.

John came ready to make some hay.  Prior, he had just the deck.  He fabricated custom mounting tabs from scratch and then bent, and coped the stays.  We teamed up to get them fit and tacked.  There are some finishing details, but it's pretty much a complete rack now.

My job of operating the torch around this fancy-ass bike with the fancy-ass paint job and fancy-ass components totally messed with my head.  Oy, the pressure.  Fortunately I know this dude who drinks cheap beer, leaving us with ample heat shields.

It was well worth it, though.

So you might see a coupla more progress pics here and there, but this is pretty much it as far as shop nights posts go. As well it should be. Bring on spring.

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