Saturday, April 2, 2011

Borrow Your Hoe?

Somehow, today turned into this major marathon yardwork bullshit deal (I did not plan it like this) and at the end, as the sun was going down, I was way up on a bigass ladder, having just butchered the top off of this weird half-tree-half-bush thing that grows about 12 vertical feet a year straight into the power lines at the back of our property and I took just a moment of me-time to envision what a pump track would look like in this space:

Dude! Yes, I'm seeing it!!! There's a f'ing backhoe parked across the street!

In a split second, my mind is reeling - I could get out there at the butt-crack-of dawn on Sunday, hotwire this bad mother, get my pump track built by noon and have it parked right back in the same place like nothing ever happened! Except that my new pump track just happened!!!!!

I hollered across the yard to Patty: "Are your seeing what I'm seeing?!?"

She hollered back: "Come down from that tree and settle your ass down. Before you hurt yourself."


Anonymous said...

Pump it! You'll be in heaven.

Alan said...

One of your best entries yet.

Alan said...

Somehow this guy's figured out the whole perpetual motion thing on this pump track: