Friday, April 8, 2011


Despite a bunch of sign building last year, we were still a couple short for this year's Ronde Van Palouse. Now we're not.  We do take a certain amount of pride in pointing riders in the right direction.

It's the eve of, and the weather looks just right and I feel like tomorrow could be colossal.

The link to Ted Chauvin's killer why you shouldn't not race post has shown up at least a coupla other places around Spokane bike interwebs, but it's worthy of copycatting, so there you go. (I'm feeling extremely relieved that I qualify for the volunteer exemption, btw.)  Yep, same Ted.  Hope he kicks ass tomorrow.


Mike Sirott said...

Lookin' good Pat! We just woke up, sky is clear, forecast is good, and we're off to Liberty HS! See ya down there.

Anonymous said...

What? RVP is today? Could you maybe reschedule for next week so I could watch? Totally forgot.

Thanks in advance!

Alan said...

Thanks again, Pat, for all the hours of planning, driving, painting, constructing, rescheduling, and back-breaking work you do to set up and tear down our courses. Someday I've gotta buy you a beer.

Pat S said...

Thanks, Alan, backatcha. Helluva job managing a thousand details and people, as usual.