Saturday, July 16, 2011


To continue the theme, as of late.  It's just that it's suddenly summer, and there's so much shit going down all at once.

Item 1.
The Larry-H-Miller-Lexus-Liberty-Road-Race-Number-Two happened today. Another great effort by a fine bunch of athletes. I happened to be working a very rural corner and during a bit of down time, I walked over and looked at the barbed-wire fence next to the road.

It made me think of how Johnny Hoogerland's body got launched through the same thing earlier this week.  And how he got back on his bike and finished the stage, and then went to the hospital and got 33 stitches and then got back at it.  And there are plenty more stories like his, probably more dramatic.  Point being, I guess, is that pro riders are super seriously hard mothers. Different breed a cats. Shite.

Item 2.
It won't be big deal to you, but I put new rubber on the dogbike.  It's a big deal to me because the old rubber was turdy-knobby and the new stuff rolls a lot smoother.  Which is not a big deal if you're just running down to the park, but thing is, this is my only bike with pedals that I don't havta clip into and so it gets a lotta other neighborhood duty and downtown duty and so I think you can now appreciate what a big deal it is to me. Even though it's not to you.

Item 3.
Another 3-hour pump track tweak - can't leave it alone. It's always been my intention that this section be designed so that you can bank right, bank left, bank right. Fast and smooth. So far it hasn't worked out at all. I might havta give up on the concept - I think maybe it's too shorta distance in which to shift your body weight.  Not that I won't keep trying for just a little while longer, though.

Item  4.
Saving the most important for last: I've discovered the best-yet canned beer. It's fabulously badass.

Plus I work in the aluminum industry, so the can talks to me in more ways than one.

If you want some, you'd better get there before me. Oh, so sorry, can't remember where I got it.


Alan said...

You've nailed the trifecta! Bikes, beer, and dogs. Fantastic.

Thanks for volunteering yesterday. I know, as a racer, I REALLY appreciated you being at that corner. Each time I went through the corner I thought, "Good thing there's a marshal at this corner because if we blow this stop sign and a meet wheel-to-bumper with a car, it's all over."

Pat S said...

Superb job on the win, Alan!

Matt B. said...

Hey Pat, my lady Katie turned me on to your blog. I'm a new follower and fellow cyclist. Check out my blog if you're into it.

That crash video is insane, especially the second guy who crashed flying through the air into the fence off to the left side of the frame. Is he the racer who had stitches? You'll have to forgive my complete lack of knowledge related to pro roadies/roadie events. I mostly try to stick to the dirt.

Pat S said...

Hey, thanks for checking in, Matt. Yeah, the guy with all the stitches is the guy who got launched through the barb-wire fence :-(

Your upcoming cross-state trip sounds rad. I'm gonna forward you guys a little info via Katie's email shortly.