Sunday, July 31, 2011

Super Double Mandatory

A nice guy named Chad was over to buy some stuff I had advertised on Craigslist tonight, and he was familiar with this blog and therefore with the pump track and so I wanted to do a demo and give him a chance to try it if he wanted.

I've been really good about strapping on a helmet whenever I get on the track but tonight, since it was only a demo, and since I was doing just a coupla laps, I blew it off.  By now I'm sure you can hear this next part coming - I went into a corner too hot and planted myself hard into the track, whose surface is not all that different from concrete these days.

I bought lunch today and the total came to $6.66.
I shoulda gone straight home and went directly to bed.
I banged up my body some, which is fine, but I rung my bell pretty good, which is scary.  So from now on, if you come over to ride the track, the helmet policy is zero tolerance. Me included. Can't stand the thought of someone getting seriously hurt on this track. Just thought you should know what's behind my new super-double-mandatory-helmet-at-all-times-while-on-the-pump-track stance.


Jonathan Eberly said...

Ouch Pat. Head injuries are scary. Hope you heal up quickly. Did Chad still take a few runs on the track?

Pat S said...

Negative. I think I pretty much "talked" him out of it.

Chad said...

So Pat how are you???? man I am sooo so sorry, I kind of feel like I brought some bad karma to you or the pump I was so pumped to meet the legendary pumptrack builder and bike connoisseur! and I get you to show me some action and Pow! a boot-to-the head is all you get. hope you don't hate on me, if there is a way to make it up to you let me know, can push some dirt or wash your bike or something. And maybe sometime I can take a raincheck on the pumptrack. All the best!! take care of yourself, protect that head, and keep pumpin' my friend***

Hank Greer said...

Bummer, Pat. But you did get a nice wanted poster photo out of the deal.

Pat S said...

Chad, the bad karma's all on me - I'm tellin' ya, it was that lunch total. Sorry to cut things short with my antics. But it was good to meet you and maybe we can get you on the track another time.

Hank, good point. And it will be that much harder to identify me when I heal up.

Anonymous said...

Walter Matthau called, he'd like his face back!

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