Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Season Finale

I'm having to get home earlier than ever from work to make them happen and even then, they're pretty short, so tonight was the last after-work evening sesh of the season. I hope to still have a bit of weekend shit going on, weather allowing, but it definitely has that feeling of being like pretty much the end of pump season.

Befitting of a grand finale then, were the following special events:

a. First time visit from Ben Tobin. He clocked a 6:25, which I think is the track record. My memory is krap, but I think the duel between Tracy and Bob last week ended up at 6:31. So Ben is officially fast.

b. Stephanie showed up. Holy hell. After about 15 invitations. Finally. Great to see you, Steph. You rocked pretty hard, btw.

c. Justin crashed. HARD. Different corner, but exact same crash mechanics as mine. It hurt to watch in the moments after; I felt what he was feeling, reluctant brethren are we. I don't expect his youthful ass got whipped quite as hard as my old one, though. At least I hope not.

d. John brought his yesterday-new Sun Spider fatbike, and clocked a 9:18, which is damn impressive, for a fatbike.

e. New record for most bikes on the track at once.

John's perspective here.

Enough jabber already, here are the pics . . .

Ben rode every bike available. Including Maddie's 20" zebra bike.

And the house bmx.

John, pumping the fat. Hating every minute. Maddie in hot pursuit.


Massive body english; the frog remains stoic as ever . . .

Ben crosses to the fat side.


Tommy. The dude rules.


Jonathan Eberly said...

It was an awesome last pump sesh. Just think of how much the pumptrack will rule when we pull out of winter. I know I'm thinking awfully far ahead, but pump tracks get in your head like that.

Thanks for all the good times Pat.

bentography said...

Pat thanks for opening up your place last night- the track, people and food was a great mixture for a way to end the evening perfectly. We'll have to do one of these sessions at my house very soon.
As for waiting for spring, you just have to keep it shoveled in the winter- the track is super fast when its frozen.