Friday, October 14, 2011

Floor Pump Hysteria

At my age, I should be remaining calm and collected at all times. As a matter of health risk and decorum.

Thing is though, I've been terribly upset with the total shit floor pump designs out there. And I've been quietly trolling for a decent solution for a long, long time. And today, I think I may have stumbled across the baddest mother of a pump. And I'm all manner of prematurely amped up about it.

I'd seen it before and it totally caught my eye, but the head looked like a POS because I was stupid and didn't understand what it was. The pump is a Specialized product and on my way out of Wheel Sport East after replenishing my brake and shifter cable stash, I happened to ask Mr. Grob (yep, same guy who sold me my rad pump track bike) about it. Jake doesn't eff around - when he says something, you can take it to the bank. And he told me this was a good pump. With a "smart head". Works with both types of valves.

Right. If only that were possible.

It's a $60 pump and I bought it. I wanna believe.

Well, I got the damn thing home and hooked it up to a coupla tires that were running a bit low. HOLY. LIVING. HELL. Who knew pumping up a tire could actually be fun.

Introducing the Specialized Airtool Comp.

Super stable base and a mega-diameter gauge with confidence-inspiring action.

Best of all though, the smart head  just flat works.
I topped off the tires on all eight bikes we have around right now.  My appetite was not even close to satisfied.  So I hit our car tires. They were soon at rated pressure and my soul was left longing. I headed down the block to pump up some of the neighbors' tires.

Car alarms quickly sent me scurrying home.

I'm telling you though, I think this might be the real deal.


Hank Greer said...

Oh, so that was you! My car was sitting level but now the left side is higher than the right so come back and finish the job.

John Speare said...

I'll believe it when I wedge it onto a schrader valve buried on a 20" wheel with 3x spoke lacing... and it just works. Give me a call when you want to give it a shot.

Anonymous said...

Will it inject green slime on demand?

glen said...

My gauge is bigger than yours.

Pat S said...

Hank: Not until you tie up your dog.

John: Me and my pump are up for the challenge.

Anon: Not there yet. But still pretty great.

Glen: So you're saying size does matter?