Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day Senior Pictures

Christmas has always been really magical for me.  It continues to be, even at my advanced age.  I think, no, I KNOW, that I owe my parents for this.  They always made Christmas SO special.  And that set the bar for me to work on making it special for the people within my sphere of Christmas influence/interaction.  Same for Patty.  She is especially awesome in this regard and I think we pretty much killed it this year in terms of hosting a couple of pretty rad larger family gatherings at our house and also in terms of the way we respected and honored the magicality of the eve and the day within our quite small "immediate" family.  It has all been really awesome.

With that said, there is this certain rad new bike in the house that did obviously not belong amongst the main floor Christmas decor and that therefore was relegated to the basement.  Sure was part of this boy's Christmas magic though, and when the boy spotted a small gap in his Christmas schedule, he bolted to the park with his new steed and his old camera, on this dry and sunny winter day.

Christmas rocks.


Vik said...

Glad you got the long awaited BS.

Kudos for hunting it down.

But here is the thing with a great bike comes great responsibility.

You gotta ride that puppy...a lot!

Keep a log of hours ridden and post it so we can see that you are worthy.

Happy Trails...

-- Vik

Anonymous said...

Good God I'm in love.

Pat S said...

Vik, thanks. And yeah, I totally get the responsibility bit. I'm all over it!

Matt B. said...

That bike is completely awesome in every way. I concur with Vik - you gotta ride the shit out of that thing.

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