Thursday, December 11, 2014

How I Really Feel

Facebook sucks, blows, wads, heaves, head dives.

I do not wish to be coerced or handled or immersed or assimilated.  Nor do I wish to join and cautiously manage my interaction for "the better good".  The mindlessness that I am being asked to embrace is appalling and insulting.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees it the way I do.

FB has dialed superbly in on the human-connection emotional response.  Ping! Ping! Ping!  A thousand million times during every second of every day.  Their professional execution and our sheep-like response is the formula for a perfect storm.

In the absence of our real resistance, there is no real resistance.  In their awesome power grab, they are ratcheting up the pressure for folks like me, and alienating us from not only the the FB universe, but from our own friends, and families.  The power is extraordinary and is being exploited and majorly abused.  Support it if you want.

As for me, I will NEVER join FB, and I resent that I am being forced to put an increasing amount of energy into managing my relationships with my wife and daughter, and a majority of my other family members, due to the divide.

Am I a curmudgeon? Obviously. But I will NEVER, EVER, join FB, and my conviction has never been stronger. This shit is double-66 evil.  I am certain that as things evolve, I will be one of the many tortured, squealing pigs that FB will delight in butchering to feed the masses.   Middle finger in your face as you devour me, FB!!!

Sure will be interesting to see what future historians write about these current days and the influence of FB and how we, as a society, responded, or did not, to the threat of this hyper-greedy, power-ravenous entity.  Heaven help us that this massive power gets captured or bought by foreign hands, but OTOH, maybe the worse scenario is that it stays "American".


Alistair said...

Ha! Great post Pat. I tried FB for about 18 months or so and didn't find it to be to my taste, so I pulled the plug on it a few weeks back.
No big deal, I didn't feel that I had lost anything, or that something was missing. My quality of life didn't suffer as a result. Then again, I wasn't a heavy user, so it wasn't like I suddenly found myself with all this extra time on my hands.
I don't get FB, but I know some who use it to good effect, then there are others whose lives seemed to be ruled by it.

Could be that with FB it's a case of not blaming the tool maybe?

Hank Greer said...

I shared this post on Facebook so people could read it. ;-)

Rusty Knorr said...

It took me a month to extricate myself from Facebook and I couldn't be happier. It caused me far more problems than any benefit. Good for you, Pat!

Zark Muckerberg said...

You're not on Facebook, Pat. People have a right to know what you're hiding.

Anonymous said...

I have closed my facebook account twice and returned shortly there after. I now have four accounts. One serious account under my name. One for all the usual crazy stuff that happens on facebook. I also have one for amidnightrider and one under the name jennifer14.

Stine said...

Hell Yeah.
I was off for about two years, then went back, thinking it was necessary for school/design stuff. I have been ruminating on a blog post about this-- the suck you upitude, the banality, the scrollingshitshow. It's really not unlike overhearing a thousand trite cellphone conversations-- you don't want to , but you can't seem to extricate yourself, either. Me, I can't handle it. So I quit it, again, and my life finally feels like my own again.

I'm building my bunker...

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