Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Next Step

I pay fairly close attention to the fatbike evolutionary process and last Spring, it became apparent to me that things were progressing in a fairly significant and dramatic way.  It was kind of alarming, actually.

As a result, I sold my beloved and storied 9:Zero:7 to seed the development of the necessary transitional funds.  My dalliance with the BikesDirect fatbike has been just that; an affordable interim dalliance.  But in all honesty, I find that I am ashamed by my association with it, and that therefore it's days in my stable are seriously numbered.  It will be replaced by two purpose-specific, higher-zoot fatbikes.  I don't really consider myself a snob, because compared to my friends, I am happy with just about any coffee or beer or culinary or haircut experience, not to mention that I admittedly have no taste in clothes.  But in this one, limited case, well, I guess yeah, I'm a snob.  This bike has been really hard on my "image".

Today, Christmas came a little early when things finally got real with the first of the two serious, badass bikes that comprise the "plan".  Given what I have gone through to get this bike in my possession, I will *never* sell it.  You can have it when you pry it from my dead, cold hand.

If you place zero value on your time, you can read more about my sordid process of acquiring this bike here.


Hank Greer said...

Wow, Pat. That is some drive and determination you displayed there. Can't wait to read about the adventures you and your Bucksaw go on.

Stine said...

I see that it appears to be resting comfortably, indoors. This is an important part of the acclimation process...bikes sent out to the garage too soon develop all kinds of abandonment issues.