Sunday, February 8, 2015

Something Quite Special Went Down Today

Huge thanks to Dan and Greg from North Division Bikes for organizing and planning it up. Turned out to be whatever is the current, socially acceptable equivalent of epic.

Edit, 2/9.
Adding some of Chip's photos, without his permission.  Violating, of course, friendship rule #1.  That being, don't post up your friend's pics.  Which leads to exception 1a:  Unless they're really good.


Anonymous said...

Looked like a great ride and was sad I couldn't make it. One day I would like to explore that area when ever I get the free time. A few questions though. Where did you guys park and what was the round trip mileage?


Pat S said...

To get to the trailhead we used, you head south out of Pine City, and turn right on Stephen Rd, then turn right on Hole-In-The-Ground Rd (this is not a joke). All of this is a few miles and parallels the JWPT, which parallels Pine Creek. At the destination there's a concrete bridge that crosses Pine Creek and the parking is just on the other side. The trail crosses the road just up ahead.

We went almost, but not quite, to the south end of the lake and our round trip was 20 miles. Given our big group inertia, social pace/vibe and the fact that we detoured off trail to go climb Castle Rock, it was just the right distance. We got on the trail at 10:30ish and finished up around 3:30ish. Kudos to Dan for making the right call on the starting point. You don't want to go out there and do some kind of agro ride and not allow yourself time to stop and take in the sights.

If you do want a longer ride, park in Pine City or Malden. I think Dan said it was around a 35 mile out and back from Malden. The scenery along that whole way is pretty rad, and the stretch between Pine City and Rock Lake is especially cool. Malden to Rock lake is the highlight of the whole eastern portion of the JWPT, IMHO, although there are a lot of really great segments that hold their own unique "charm".

Anonymous said...

Sweet. Thanks for the info and I'll keep an eye out for the next group ride.

Wileydog said...

looks like a great ride, brought back some memories and might have to get back out there. couldn't make this one due to inertia.

Hole-In-The-Ground Rd is like part of my favorite bike ride.