Sunday, April 19, 2015

Patty And I

My totally arrogant vision of what my wife needs, bike-wise, to be bike-happy, is intersecting in a pretty major way with her totally reasonable vision of what we need in order to be marriage-happy.

It's a crazy deal, but we're all over it, b/c we both think it could be good, and maybe really good.  Patience with each other is the cornerstone, the foundation.  We're coming up on our 23rd anniversary, so even tho it seems at times like we don't get each other at all, I think we kinda get each other pretty well.  Or at least we're working pretty hard at it.

One point of our "agreement" on this whole deal involves me not stupidly posting pics of her on this here blog.  Which I so totally get and agree to.

But the moments are happening, and it wouldn't be exactly right to internet-ingore 'em, just sayin'.  I think she and I have a bit of common understanding on this point, and so I offer you the following:

This is a deal whereby I have come up with a way to quick-release clamp the front end of either of my fatbikes to
the bed of my truck.  It works out well, actually, and so I am compelled to blog/blab about it.

There was at least one failed iphone fotographic moment.

Lovely bikes, lounging in the exactly one piece of lovely shade we encountered.

That/s a snake, center right.  That looks like a stick.  I had him dead to rights in my iphone, for the most fabulous, hall 'o fame photo in the history of the i-net.  Until he freaked on me and booked.  Damn hard getting a good photo of a moving snake, says I.


Meg said...

Too funny.... we were married in '94, so I get your 'moving marital target' commentary, lol.

Holding hands with the husby while riding down the beach last fall was pretty awesome. :)

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