Friday, January 30, 2009

Go Jump In A Lake

John hasn't been totally satisfied with his Lake boots. I'm still euphorically somewhat more happier with mine, given the options and the fact that I get off on anything Herman Munster, but still, I admit that my toes could be just a little warmer on the longer rides.

Criminy. We can send a man to the moon. (Like 40 years ago.) Can't we figure out how to keep our toes warm during a short, stay-on-the-planet bike ride?

And then it hit me like a lunar landing module: Toasty Feet inserts.

Check out the astronaut on the bottom of the box if you need proof.

Still don't believe me? Flip it over. See the moon????

Duh. Now do you believe me? No? Fine. Then check out the Comfort Level Comparison chart. Try arguing what that science, my friend!

Your skepticism is duly noted, but I proclaim these wonders of science to be the answer. It probably cost NASA hudreds of thousands of research dollars to develop these. I paid $14.95 for the pair. My Lakes are once again the total bomb. Is this a great country or what.


Hank Greer said...

This is a great country and congratulations on your find. I'm glad to hear your feet are toasty warm but I wonder if these inserts excrete a chemical that affects your vision. Or maybe it was a combination of your ecstaticness and the late hour. You nailed the astronaut but, dude, that's the Earth.

Pat S said...

Whoa, you are right. Hank, your attention to detail is out of this world.