Monday, April 25, 2011

Hundred 'N Four Fever

Today I bought this cordless sawzall, so that I don't have to f'ck with the rip-your-hair-out mess of multiple extension cords necessary to run the regular sawzall across the yard, for cutting that lone root in the path of the track that's too big to cut with a pick axe.  Welcome to my world.

If you're not into this pump track business, then I'm surely just a coupla posts away from losing you, at the very most. If you need to go, I understand and appreciate your past support and hope that we can reconnect at some point in the future. After I settle the hell back down. Big 'if', big 'when'.


Anonymous said...

With a cordless Sawzall, you can finally make that horror film.

You just need a title...

Spokane Pumptrack Massacre?
Blood Pumper 1 and 2
Pump and Stump

Make sure to post it here!

John Speare said...

whoa there tough guy... aren't you forgetting to share another little purchase you made yesterday? i've got a lot of drinks riding on this deal.

Anonymous said...

Night of the Living Fred!!!

Bill Foss said...

Whenever I start a major project, I buy myself a gift too.

Pat S said...

"I Know What You Did This Summer". Based on how I feel at this moment after a night of digging, "Misery" could also work. "Pump and Stump" speaks to me, though.

John, I don't know what you're talking about.

Bill, we're on the same page. I justify it with all the money I'll be saving by not hiring someone to do the job. Rarely is it limited to just one gift.

Anonymous said...

April is the Toolest Month