Saturday, January 14, 2012


Patty and I are so busy at work these days . . . we're super grateful to be vital cogs in vital organizations but holy hell, sometimes we arrive home on Friday just totally work-week wasted.

We always sit and talk for a bit about each others' days, but afterwards, our coping mechanisms are different.  She retreats to various indoor comforts while I head out to the cold-ass shop (she's obviously a lot smarter than me).

Tell ya what, though - cold as it may be, Friday night solo shop time is about as sweet as it gets . . . coupla beers, good music,  thinkin' all of life's troubles through, no pressure to get anything done . . . jeez, my problems just melt away, if only for a short time.  Heaven on earth.


John Speare said...

I rode by last night at about 11PM hoping to see the tell-tale ribbon of light peaking under the garage door. Alas, I think you had closed for the night, or you were running the gas heater again in a tightly sealed space. In either case, you were spared my excellent post-Benni's banter.

BTW: we sat in the "only having beer section" where we were able to negotiate some wings.

Pat S said...

Yep, gas heater in a tightly sealed space. They're only brain cells.

Benni's "we won't sell you food" policy. So ridiculous that it's hilarious.

Jason Gilman said...

The new rack and bike are looking good. Can't wait to hear about all the cool fat tire and JWT adventures to come!