Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm Not Bitter. Really.

I don't think we're gonna have winter this winter. I got home a little before 7 tonight and I looked at the thermometer and it said 47 F. I'd felt pretty warmish on the way home - guess that explains things. About an hour later I looked again and it said 48. Wrong direction. Jan 4. Right on.

We could still have a snowfall or two, but the 7-day forecast doesn't show any signs of hope and that pretty much puts us into mid-Jan and by the end of Jan it's pretty much over, except for maybe a coupla fast-melt snow days in Feb and then it's pretty much totally over.

Look, just because I bought a stupid-ass snow bike does not mean I am totally pissed. Really.



Not said...

I was out riding on Monday, and I saw a flock of geese flying NORTH.
- Ventura

Alan said...

Your snow bike plus my four new snow tires pretty much means a winter with less snow. And if someone out there bought a snow blower mid-September (gotta get it before the snow falls, right?), that all but guarantees a snow-free winter.

Riding in Reno said...

Ha, we hit 66 in Reno, NV yesterday. Rode home in a t-shirt! I have some shiny new studded tires sitting in the I'm also not bitter!

Andre said...

Pat I've been doing the same extrapolation in my head based on the 10 day forecast that the Weather Channel app has the gall to predict. The daffodil bulbs are starting to sprout. I have doubts that this winter will have any teeth.

What really messes with my mind is that we are hovering near the 50's but I feel like I still have to be wary of freezing night time lows up into May at sea level near Puget sound when I consider bike camping.

So at least daylight is coming back in style but if it feels like spring now is it gonna feel that way for the next 5 months? Why can't there be a year with 5 months of summer?

The Shed Master said...

Here in Wisconsin we are still snow free. My fatbike is crying.

John Speare said...

Ventura -- do you want your tires back? Clearly, there's not going to be any snow this year (thanks Pat!!) -- so I won't be needing them. Send me an email and I'll bring them to the next hang.

Not said...

No hurry on the tires, John. My MTB has some lighter ones on it for now.

I think you fatbikers should take advantage of this opportunity to go ride on sand somewhere. You might have to go over to the West side of the state, but at least the pass is clear!
- Ventura

Jason Gilman said...

My father-in-law bought a sweet, super-sized snowblower last summer so I think we can thank him and you for this crazy winter!

rory said...

Pat S said...

Based on all your comments, It's clear that I don't have to shoulder *all* the blame for this snowlessness.

But Andy, even though we've obviously bought a bunch of snow equipment here in the north, I'm not sure it accounts for your 66 degrees in January. That's pretty extreme and I think you guys might be doing something seriously wrong to anger the gods. And although I can't get involved in the responsibility end of things, I do care and want you to get it resolved, before you ignite. I have a buncha cousins down there that I wouldn't wanna lose. Good luck.

Andre, I love the thought of 5 straight months of summer and would happily endure this funny business for that trade-off. Mother Nature, care to take me up on the offer?

Rory, that's awesome! I'd vaguely known about the dunes around ML but never in any detail. Now I'm gonna have to check it out. The necessity of this rule makes me believe I would fit right in with the crowd: "Burning pallets or tires is illegal."