Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dog Tired

While Patty and I were out of town, Brandy was hanging at the "pet resort".  We love the people that run it and the care that she gets while she's there, but there's no real way to ease the trauma of being away from home and surrounded by the inescapable noise and smell and harshness of a kennel pet resort. It was eleven long days and after a run and a bath and a meal, our girl was running on fumes.

Sleep well, best friend.

In other dognews, I was needing a book mid-trip and ran across this one at a cool independent bookstore in Sedona. The wolf story is cool, but what's really gripping is the author, Farley Mowat, who I'd not heard of until just then/now. Holy living hell, the shit this dude has done.  The book was written in the 60's and his style of prose is just irresistible. He's still alive, at 91, which makes the experience of reading the book even more rad.  You probably know all about him already, but if you don't, and if you dig outdoor, man-against-nature stories like I do, this will fuel you.  It's also pretty relevant to our local wolf debate, and what you read might surprise you.

And then of course, there's the t-shirt that Patty bought me.


bikewrider said...

Great book by a fantastic author. A Whale for the Killing is another good read by Mowat.

Anonymous said...

Been reading Farley Mowat since I was in grade school. Good Canadian author there...! I'd also recommend "The Boat Who Wouldn't Float" for something to make you laugh, and "And No Birds Sang" for the story of Mowat's experiences in WWII. I bet I read one of his books each year.

SteveH (in Ottawa, Canada)

Pat S said...

Thanks guys, for the recommendations. Definitely looking forward to reading more of his work.