Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rackufacture: Archives

From back when I used to do bike-interesting stuff.

This was actually something I imposed upon The Eberlizer, the rework of a completed rack due to my OCD nature.

I have never felt good about this (particular imposed re-work).  Admittedly, the rack building program I ran out of my garage the past coupla winters was far from perfect, from a personal interaction standpoint.  It's a tough gig, the School Of Rackufacture, as I'm not the easiest personality to be cooped up with in a garage.  A natural-born teacher I certainly am not.  But in my defense, the goal was to get some racks built by/for friends and some racks were most certainly built.  So bite me about my lack of loveliness and warmth.

To the Eberlizer's credit, he was an amazingly good sport, because he is the Eberlizer, and to my good fortune, his loins never began to ache, as this would have sent me sprinting towards the house.  I hope the rack, in general, worked out for him, somehow.  The initial dry run is here (pre-rework), one of my most epic and impactful works of video ever . .

. . . and the experience appeared to be supremely positive, so I remain hopeful. That laugh of bike joy is about as good as it gets.


Mike Rafone said...

Saaaaay-if you're so busy and conflicted, why are you wasting tiome reading the comments on other blogs?

rory said...

that looks awesome. good job!

Jonathan Eberly said...

Man, who is that beardless weirdo wearing my clothes in that video? Pat, the rack works awesome. Kind of a one trick pony but when you need it, it is really rad to have. I should do a post about it with more pics and videos.

Pat S said...

MikeRafone, reading blog comments = time wasted?? Never got the memo.

rory, thanks.

Jon, great to hear your voice. Hope all is well in Portland. You'd better not come back to Spo without letting me know. It would be great to get a ride in. Or just hang, even.

Spartacuss said...

Whenever I see the Eberlizer custom Bike Tow Hitch I have to gird my loins.