Sunday, March 31, 2013


I was told, in no uncertain terms, to take the Christmas lights down this weekend.  I don't know if there was an actual threat of castration while I slept, but there might have been, and even if there wasn't, it was that serious.  The ladder came out this afternoon and the lights are down, then.

In other, more light-hearted news, planning for the upcoming fatbike/bikepack/fatpack trip is now underway. In earnest.  The sharpie chalkboard from the John Wayne Trail trip . . .

. . . has been wiped clean.  Let the next adventure be recorded.  Yep, camera bag's mounted, too.

And the massive task that is the sorting of gear is underway.


Andy D. said...

You are ahead of me in both light removal and fatbikepack planning. Your new managerial status is paying off already.

mechBgon said...

If you need any excuses to pick up a new headlight, the B&M Luxos U has some enticing capabilities, including USB charging of your camera, GPS or whatnot. Also, it shapes the beam on the fly (!), making it wide like a fog light when you're going slow, and reaching farther like a driving light when you're going fast. What will those Germans think of next?

Pat S said...

Andy, for my last trip, I didn't start the gear planning early enough and as a result, ended up taking too much stuff. I hope to do better this time.

Tom, that light looks like the bomb. It's on my wishlist now.

amidnightrider said...

Some times the most loving thing we can do is the hardest. It was time for the lights to come down.

Velo Celt said...

Looking forward to a new trip report. I like your obstacle tally system as well.

Dave N said...

I see Ward has been doing some recon of the Q here in the last couple days and it looks pretty sweet

Bowl full of jelly said...

Twas teh night before Easter, and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mutant poison-drinking heavily-pregnant mouse

The Christmas lights still hung from the porch in a frown
Because St. Patrick hadn't taken them down

His wife prodded Pat from his long winter's nap
"Take down the damned lights," said she, "and don't give me no crap!"

Pat sprang from his bed, he'd had such a scare
But then he grabbed sack, "thank Jesus I'm still there!"

Away on his fat bike he sprang, still clutching his gristle
And he shot down those lights, with a dirty old pistol!

So saints be chubby and plump, right jolly old elfs
Unhang those lights, or be unhung yourself!

Blitzen said...

Deck the halls with balls of folly?

Pat S said...

Dashing up the rungs
On a sunny late March day,
Relishing the knards
Nervous all the way,
Lights hit ground and ting,
Making spirits bright,
What joy it is to know that I
Can sleep at ease tonight. :-)

Jingle balls, Jingle balls
Jingle-jing away,
Oh what fun
It is to know
They're still where they belong,

Vixen said...

But trimming the tree is a tradition!

Otoh, maybe now an angel will bend near the earth, and, perhaps, allow you to touch her harp of gold.

Tip: wait until midnight.


Xmas Carol said...

I'm all for tradition, but I think too many people celebrate out of order. After removing the tinsel, it's usually best to give attention to the two turtle doves BEFORE placing the partridge in the pear tree.

Get the drummers drumming before the pipers start piping, and save the lords aleaping for last.

And, as Burl Ives wisely sang, if you like it you should put a ring, hell, FIVE GOLDEN rings, on it.

Little Drummer Girl said...

I dont know about all that Carol. I just do what they told me and the ox and ass keep time. Pump-rumpa-pum-pum!

Timing is all. Just cuz "burl ives" is elvish for "blue ivy" doesn't make Mrs. Carter Mr. Claus.

Ho ho, ho. Happy dozens days of Xmas. Now leave poor Mr. S alone.

Tis the season to clean the gutters.