Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunlit Ungulates & [Gasp!] Brazing

Yesterday. General vicinity of Loon Lake. Communion with the beasts.

Today. General vicinity of my garage. Communion with the beast.

Crazily, it looks blue, but it's black. Trust me. Or not.

Pull my thumb, says uncle Pat S.


Andy D. said...

Where do you get your brazing consumables and braze-on bike frame bits? I recently got an acetylene torch and have been poking around with it. The brazing rod I've been able to find locally seems too fat for bike work, and the flux seems more suited for plumbing. Nice work, BTW.

Stine said...

Definitely a "make it work" moment. Cool!

Pat S said...


Brass rod (C-04) and flux (Type B) are here:

There are a number of places to get frame bits. These guys have a pretty comprehensive selection:

Andy D. said...

Thanks, Pat. Dangerous links, those.

Pat S said...

Yes. Indeed.