Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Latest Addition To The Pump Suite

And quite possibly the last, as I'm out of room. Courtesy the magic of craigslist.

As of tonight, there's something here you can throw a leg over and hit the track on if you're anywhere between 6'-10" and tiny. I might still snag one more to cover from tiny down to newborn. If you're over 6'-10" though, I'm sorry. There are no plans to accommodate your special needs and so you will need to bring your own freakish ride. Which to be clear, is more than welcome, along with your towering self.


lazyeye72 said...

good to know you are not a rabid "heightist". Those of us over 6 and a half feet need love too.

Justino said...

Damn! I figured I'd waited too long - parts for the BMX I found arrive Monday. And some are purple.

Pat S said...

lazyeye, I have a 7 foot cousin who taught me to show love for the tall at an early age. Or else.

Justin, not at all! I've been anxiously anticipating the arrival on-scene of your righteous creation. And purple, no less. Right on.

The single x was one of those deals that jsut fell into my lap and was too easy and cheap not to pull the trigger on, just to have an extra bike around.