Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rock Lake Top Ten

The Rock Lake trip was a big success and I'd like to tell the entire story and post all 91 pictures I took, but that's just out of the question, time-wise for me, interest-wise for you, so I decided I'd cull and post the best ten. The paring process was as agonizing as the goal was unachievable, and I hit the wall at thirteen.

The breakfast menu at Zip's in Cheney - this stop was research for next weekend's Webb Slough SON

My favorite view (by far) on the drive out from Cheney to St John.

On the trail.

If you click this pic for big and then look just left of center, you'll see the deer that tried to outrun my new camera.  HA!  Fool.

The snake-whisperer (Joe).

Investigating the scene of the accident.

Nate.  This is probably my favorite of the whole bunch.  The light's not great, but oy, the perspective.

The bank was so steep here that, well, one mis-step and a guy'd be fish food.  Good thing we all kept our wits.

If you're on the fence about doing this ride, let me give you a big push.


Jonathan Eberly said...

Looks like a beautiful ride. Did you end up riding all of it? I think I remember you mentioning it'd be a long one to do totally by bike.

Pat S said...

Jonathan, we bailed on the torturous 60 mile loop pland and instead took it pretty easy and stopped a LOT for pics - parked at the south end and rode up to the closed section, then drove up and parked at the north end and rode down to the same closed section. Only about 20 miles all up, so I was surprised at how tired I was at the end of the day - riding undeveloped railbed definitely takes some extra energy.

Anonymous said...

Does this tunnel make my bike look phat?

Mike S said...

I guess it would be a serious abuse of your well earned permit to actually camp at the tunnel? Even moreso that it's all over the net now.

Map of Ancient Greece said...

Another Smart post from you Admin :)

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