Friday, June 24, 2011

Major Dogbike Upgrade

It showed up a couple or four days ago on my front porch, without warning, courtesy John.  I'm not all that smart and I twirled it around and stared at it for a while.  Then I put it down, and looked at it for another while and since I couldn't not screw with it, I ripped apart and re-magnetized the industrial velcro a few dozen times and snapped the buckle together a few hundred dozen times.  Tonight was finally the epiphany.  It's a busy pic I know, but just left of the gloves.  It's a San Francisco Freight Road Soda . . . ummm . . . searching for the word . . . umm . . . 'thingy'.

Despite the fact that it's intended to carry only one "soda", it has a massive
suitable-for-rock-climbing-type nylon strap that wraps around the head tube,

...along with a second buckled strap that chokes the life outta the top and
down tubes.  The SFF dudes are obviously of the opinion that no "soda"
should ever run free.
 Fine, you say, what's so MAJOR about the upgrade?  I'm not surprised at your question, I wouldn't expect you to understand.  But delighted that you asked.  Deal is, the old soda transport solution was adequate, but tended to bounce around and shake up the soda, which tended to foam it up and make a mess upon opening.

Now with the new cush ride there's none of that, plus the leash which I rarely-if-ever use but have to carry due to fear of certain park-rule zealots finally has a home of its own.

One small step for man, one giant leap for dogmankind.


Andy D. said...

Yella Pils is perhaps the best summer bike beer in existence. Top notch carrier upgrade.

Anonymous said...

TO: Mr. S.
FROM: Lt. General Max R Lott
RE: Photo Brown program

I regret that I have been unable to guide your recent dog walks in the park. SpoPoPaPaCaCa has been deployed to Libya in an attempt to muzzle the running dogs of imperialism.

In our absence, I trust that you will find guidance from SpoPo's "Photo Brown" surveillance program. Special sniffing cameras, disguised as sprinklers, automatically take a photograph each time a dog defecates on a park lawn.

As you certainly know, the pucker of each dog's anus is an individual identity marker.

You will soon receive a ticket to cover the costs of your dog's recent bowel movement. The ticket will be delivered by a Predator drone.

You are welcome.

Pat S said...

BDD, +1 on the Yella Pils. Can't manage to keep one in my fridge for more than a day or so.

Lt. Lott, thank you for informing us of the rank to which you have elevated yourself.

Regarding the photo brown program, I am aware of its existence but refuse to acknowledge it as a legitimate use of taxpayer dollars. As a sympathetic rebel yourself, I am sure you can understand. Therefore, upon receipt of your ticket, we (dog and I) will have no other choice than to poop on it.

On a separate note, I would like to welcome you home and thank you, on behalf of my fellow American taxpayers, for your valiant effort to "muzzle the running dogs of imperialism". Whatever that means.

But however it came out, your gained experience will certainly make you a force to be reckoned with back on home ground, as you endeavor to protect our precious park.

Your truly,
Mr. S.

Map of Ancient Greece said...

Another Smart post from you Admin :)