Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thur Pump Sesh Pics

(As always, click any pic for big . . .)

Too many people heading into one intersection. Don't let Joe L's
expression fool ya - the traffic is stressing him out.

Moments later, Justin anticipating the inevitable . . .

Road rage. Don't let the expressions fool ya.
I was there and the stress was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

These three pics of Glen are the textbook pump sequence.

Justing eyeballing the line . . .

. . . and executing.

If I've learned one thing in life for sure, it's that kids dig pump tracks.

Breathe deep for the downstroke . . .

. . . then count on your grit and determination to get you up the other side.

Tommy!  Eyes on the track!!!!!

Justin, railing the 180 that tried to kill me.

Joe T, taming the beast.

Joe L, still not having fun.

Joe T brought home-brew beer (not pictured); Joe L brought home-brew
ice cream (pictured).  The Joes are rad, rad, RAD.


FBC Spokane said...

I hate that I have missed the last few sessions. I'll get in there sometime before it starts to snow. I promise.

JMH said...
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JMH said...

Speaking of snow, I wonder what a pump track would be like in the middle of winter, on a fat bike?

Pat S said...

JMH, I'm thinking it could be a blast, under the right snow conditions.

JMH said...

Yeah, the fat bikes are not so good on the ice (found that out the hard way last winter), but I bet the pump track would be a hoot with a packed base and a few inches of new snow on top!