Friday, August 26, 2011

You Die

I love you, but you die, mofu. You dumped me on my head, harder than shit. But I am alive, stronger than ever, pissed as hell and then some. I created you and I will alter you and I will rule you and I will hit every corner of you so hard that you will cry like the baby pump track that you are. And when you beg for my forgiveness, well . . . I will think about it.

New dirt is here, consider yourself modified. Deal with it.

This is your brain, pump track.

This is your brain on Pat.

Any questions???


Alan said...

I don't know if I've ever seen this side of you, Pat. It's kinda scary.

Pat S said...

Just a dose of tough love, Alan. I'm not really pissed.

Don't tell the pump track.

Jonathan Eberly said...

Hell yeah Pat! Hit me up if you need labor.

Pat S said...

Jon, the dirt is down. Need you over here to help ride it in. I'll be in touch.