Friday, May 11, 2012

Rackufacture: Fatbike Rear Rackage Package

Upon a quick search of my own damn blog, I discovered that I never posted on the base rear rack that I put together for the fatbike.  Sadly, this is how bad my memory is getting. I just finished up the modular deck that attaches to the base, so I guess I might just as well show 'em both in this post. Not a lot of time for blather, so I'll mostly let the pics do the talking. You're welcome. Click any for slightly bigger, as per the norm.

No idea why blogger rotated this pic.  The rotational activity within blogger
has encroached into the paranormal realm as far as I am concerned.  The only thing
I know for damn sure is that I have no control over how it shows up and no way to change it.

I know what you're thinking, because I'm thinking the same thing - that's one super f'ugly rack.  I'd hopes that once it came back from powder all shiny that something aesthetically magical would happen. Nope. Looks like something that belongs on the top of a Range Rover. At this point I guess I've modified my expectations and just simply hope that the functionality will vastly overshadow its looks.

Meanwhile, Brandy wishes I would dump my ridiculous failed obsession and focus fully on hers.

Looks aside, there are a number of functional features that I would like to point out . . .

Some loops for passing a "lashing strap" through.  There's a bit of lasher R&D going on here, in the hopes that we
can sort out some do's and don'ts prior to putting together a light and efficient lasher for  John's Elephant V2.

I've been reading about what great elements lines are supposed to be in photos and so of course I am compelled to act out.  This last picture then, is simply part of the krap you have to put up with, as I work through my photography phase.


Anonymous said...

Yeah that was me, I forgot to leave my name. Pat, you are so tragically awesome and awesomely tragic I don't know if the term can even convey the state you are in anymore. If the rest of our brains are operating like one hamster running on a wheel, yours is atleast 2 hamsters running on the same wheel in opposite directions, riding slightly larger hamsters while wearing little medieval armour and jousting. Hope that makes sense. Man you are ...awesome and tragic. Wade

Toni Lund said...

Ugly?! That it is sweet! A fatbike meets Surly Big Dummy. You are a genius Pat, love your DIY stuff.

By the way, I just purchased Nikon D5100 DSLR camera and figured out that I need similar kind of camera bag you have... you have so much great ideas, keep up the great work!

alex wetmore said...

I think the ugliness of the rack fits the form follows function lines that a fatbike needs to embrace anyway.

Why did you make the top section bolt on instead of just brazing it in place? Do you plan on removing it much?

You are doing a really nice job with those aluminum top plates.

Vik said...

Great looking rack! My Pugsley is jealous....=)

safe riding,


Pat S said...

Wade, quite the picture you paint. But yeah, that makes some sense. To continue your analogy, given your unique and vivid perspective on life, you may be one hamster running on a wheel, but I envision that you are running on the outside of the wheel. I compliment you, sir.

Toni, thanks. The eye of the beholder, I guess. That's great news on the DSLR! As much as you enjoy shooting pictures, I think you'll have a blast with it. Can't wait to see some images. I'm super happy with the bag, it's this one. It comes with a rain cover that stashes in the front pocket and I carry my P&S in one of the side pockets.

Alex, my idea was that I won't need a rear deck for anything except full on touring. In general, I'm going with a modular them for the racks on this bike, just to make it as adaptable as possible to different uses. The aluminum decks are a bit of work and weight, but I like the functionality of a more solid deck - I always seem to be hauling something that wants to slip through traditional crossbars.

Thanks, Vik. I went through quite the internal struggle as to whether I should go the Porcelain Rocket or Revelate style route for load carrying. In the end, I guess I couldn't justify the investment at this time, since I don't absolutely need that style bag for this tour. Those sure are some sweet bags though.

Yeti said...

Ugly? Not really. It has a certain utilitarian aestetic to it.

Andy D. said...

Amazing and inspiring work, Pat. I'm going to have to sign up for a correspondence course in rackufacturing. I've got a lot of bikes in desperate need of racks.

Anonymous said...

Nah mate, that's a brilliant looking rack... there's loads of neat features that would behove the main stream manufacturers of racks to follow.
Like the way the panniers are lower down to the centre of gravity, the twin rear lamp mounts, the smooth blending of the tubes, and the fact that you can simply unbolt the top of the rack if you don't need it... or even replace it with something wider should the need arise.. hauling crates of beer and pizzas and things.
Its all good, mate. And looks totally beautiful to my eyes.

cycle tramp

AlaskaAmber said...

I love this rack! Would you ever consider making another rear rack for a fellow 9:zero:7 bike owner? I just bought one specifically for winter bike commuting in Alaska and cannot find a rack for the XS frame that will fit. They are all either too short or too narrow to accommodate the tires or they are not short enough to accommodate my small bike frame. This is frustrating as I now have no way to use my panniers on my commuter bike. Please e-mail me if you would be interested in making another rack. I would be willing to pay for supplies and your time, of course.

Fat Bike Rack said...

Upon a quick search of my own damn blog, I discovered that I never posted on the base rear rack that I put together for the fatbike. Sadly, this is ...

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