Monday, February 4, 2013

Carpooling Is The Bomb

Brandy's kennel closed, or went out of business, or something. We've since heard that there have been quite a few complaints about the place, in recent months.

We first found it by recommendation of her vet, who we like and trust.  But that was a few years ago, and there have been warning signs more lately, which we have ignored, as dumb people are wont to do.  Ask any dog.

So we went in search of a new "kennel".  Oh, how mightily dumb we have apparently turned out to be.

Apparently, the good places are not called that any more and they don't operate like that any more, either.  Seems that between the dark ages in which I was raised and the present time, things have changed a bit, in terms of what is the proper kind of outfit to care for your dog, when you're on vacation or can't otherwise do it yourself.

We ended up at a friend-recommended place called Doggyland.  Since it's in the valley, and I work in the valley, it became immediately apparent that it was my job to drop off / pick up Brandy from "trial day".  And every other day we will ever drop her off / pick her up, for that matter.  If we pass the test, of course.  Holy living hell.  Trial day.  Am I even saying this?

Apparently, I am, then.

You're supposed to bring a pet bed.  And a ball.  And dog food.
Which we did, as you can see.  And which barely left room for me to drive, might I mention.

When we got there, Brandy and I walked in together, and there was very little anxiety on her part, as is normally the case with the "kennel" routine, and everything was rad and chill, and Mary and Sarah were just unbelievably cool and professional while they dealt with my clueless dork self.  They asked me if it was okay if they put her in with the small dogs.  I hadn't the first idea what that meant, so I said, "Sure!"

Obviously, I hadn't even begun to "get it".  Ignorant people can only adapt to enlightenment so fast.

However, on my behalf:  I came back at the end of the work day to pick up my carpool buddy and they let me look through the window at her, in this new environment and she appeared super happy and comfortable and there is no smell in this place and there is no incessant barking and there is containment, but no cages, and they have this scale model of the layout of the facility in the lobby that, along with their concept, their philosophy, is just blowing my mind.  After processing throughout the day what I had seen in the morning, I was on the verge of being able to accept.  Here's kind of the explanation of how it works, as quoted from their website:

At Doggyland, there are 3 exercise areas where the dogs are seperated by size and play style.  Each one is an open play space where your pet will enjoy a fun filled day frolicking with other dogs of their own play style.  In summer, your dog can cool off in our air conditioned indoors or the small wading pool out doors whilst drying off in the summer sun. In winter, your pet will be safe from the cold in our the heated indoors. Each play area has a seperate door flap that your dog can freely go in and out of. In fact, they will have so much fun exercising in our doggie daycare, you'll be sure to notice a happier, content and calmer member of your family.

I drove home with a completely different dog.  Confident, content.  I can't believe I am even writing this. But I totally shit you not.

We, as people, need to keep stretching, evolving.  It's something we all gladly give lip service to, I think.  But sometimes we don't really understand what that means and then certain turns of events show us what it means, in no uncertain terms, and then we are somewhat grateful while at the same time mostly bewildered and it is just best to go to bed and let our subconscious mind deal with it all during REM and whatever other kind of sleep we are in for, and hopefully we will wake up tomorrow and we will have adjusted, even a little, if not completely, and things will make better sense. Hopefully.

This would be one of those times.  Goodnight.


Wileydog said...

yes it's a brave new world out there. oh the trial day - we had a bit of angst over that at the Downtown Dog Lounge in Seattle. What if our dogs weren't accepted and didn't make the cut? (one is a bit wild, real friendly and has a lot to say). It'd be so embarrassing, like your kid not getting into kindergarten. We keep meaning to drop them off here during the work week, friends also say what a difference it makes in the evening.

Tyler said...

We take our dog there as well. We only take our dog there and have gotten my parents to take theirs as well. Have you seen them post pictures of Brandy on their Facebook page? It is fun when on a trip to see your dog having a vacation as well. Glad your experience, and Brandy's too, was a good one!