Friday, February 1, 2013

River City Red

We've talked about it. And now it's real. And it be good. And it be REAL good.

Thanks, Liza, for the perfectly paired salad.


Dan said...

Can't wait. Missed the grand tapping, but Gage offered to fill my Growler. Monday will be my day to sample.

Anonymous said...

Screw the beer, I want the pint glass. And the jersey.

And, OK, the beer.

River City Red said...

Checking in on the blog and I had to laugh as I got to the end of the fat-bike race post and saw the juxtaposition of the PBR can and a pint of River City Red. Hope they both brought joy under the right circumstances!

Pat S said...

RCR, yeah, what a difference 24 hours makes! At the yurt up at Schweitzer, they will serve you any beer you want, as long as it's PBR. I was delighted to find beer there of any type, and so it did seem to fit the circumstances quite well.